After leaving the military in 2006 Adonia attended college at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis) where she learned how to do yoga (and continued on to become certified as a yoga instructor), metalsmithing, ballroom, and swing dancing. She briefly studied to be a ballroom instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studio but found that West Coast Swing  (WCS) was her favorite partner dance. She loved WCS so much that she traveled all over the country competing in WCS competitions and learning all she could. Adonia was a member of multiple WCS groups in the Indianapolis area and would even teach the newer dancers as they started to learn the dance. Adonia also assisted in hosting the Indy Swing Classic (a WCS competition in Indianapolis IN) for 2 years. Today, Adonia continues to love dancing West Coast Swing.

Above all this, Adonia is an artist and was from the day she was born. She has been drawing, painting, sewing, crafting, singing, dancing, and playing many musical instruments for as long as she can remember. Adonia's love of art came from her biological mother who is an artist, her love of music comes from her step mother who is a pianist and gospel singer, and her love of teaching and all things crafty comes from her grandmother who always had some new project that she was working on and was always haappy to teach her all about how to do it. In elementary school, Adonia would often get in trouble for drawing and creating things during non-art class times. In high school she continued to develop her artistic talent and won a sizable stack of awards after her art instructor entered her work into an art show without her knowledge. She also became very involved in music and theatre both in church, school, and the local civic theatre. She sang in the choir, participated in many theatre shows, and was formally trained in clarinet. Adonia won many soloist awards in clarinet and bass clarinet and went on to learn how to play drums, tambourine, E flat clarinet, bassoon, basic flute, basic violin, tabla/doumbek, and zills (aka finger cymbals). 

About Adonia

Gaining popularity, this dynamic performer doesn't hold back. Her fun bubbly personality invites you in. As you sit on the edge of your seat, her clear knowledge of Egyptian and Vintage Orientale (aka American Cabaret)  captivates you. With a background in art, music, west coast swing and ballroom dance, as well as theater, the story she portrays will sweep you  far far away.  

In addition to being a Multi Award Winning Professional Belly dancer, Yoga Instructor, and Graphic Artist in the Chicago area she is also a veteran of the United States Air Force. As such, Adonia is a strong believer in hard work and education. Currently Adonia is being mentored by ​
Ruby Beh and Faten Munger as well as training with Sabah, and Suhaila as often as possible and often participates in workshops and belly dance competitions all over the country.

She got her start in bellydance as a way to lose weight after gaining nearly 100lbs after the birth of her first child. She had to lose weight to stay in the military  and lose weight she did. Adding bellydance to her daily routine resulted in the loss of 60lbs and overall improved internal and external health.

And yes, she did pass her fitness test and was allowed to stay in the USAF. As Adonia gained control of her body and her life she quickly fell into a love affair with middle eastern dance and all the beautiful friends as well as the sense of community she gained along the way.

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By far, Adonia's favorite artistic outlet is theatre. She has been involved in many aspects of theatre entertainment from props and acting to dramaturgy.  She loves musicals and dinner theatre and found that her favorite aspect of theatre was being on stage. For Adonia, belly dance fulfills her need to create, teach, and perform. She loves every aspect of her chosen career path. Creating a belly dance show is (to her) more than just throwing on some coins and shaking around. Adonia is attentive to every detail of her Chicago shows from her hair, nails, and make up to impeccable costuming. She spends crazy amounts of time hand picking each song, training, and creating dynamic moments to accompany  the music she chooses. This beautiful artform has transformed her life in ways she never could have imagined. Adonia hopes to share this happiness with every audience member that watches her show and to inspire every student to invite in the transformative beauty that she feels every time she dances.

Chicago Belly Dance, Chicago Belly Dancer, Chicago wedding entertainment, Birthday party ideas chicago,