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   - Zildjian : They come in sets of 2. Buy 2 sets so you have 4 zills total.
     - Turquoise Int. : I like their Turkish Size B (2 1/2") the best.

Veils, Wings, and Fan Veils
 - Silkdancer : She is AMAZING. Her work is beautiful and she is great with color
        matching and unique designs. Plus she is just darn nice and is great with customer
        service! You can also find her on facebook

Other Props
     - Sword
              Beladay Scimitar - By Kult of Athena

 - I have beautiful gently used costumes for sale here.
     - BELLA : She is AMAZING! Absolutly the BEST costume designer. (There is music on her site.)
     - The Facebook Bellydance Swapmeet

     - Zahara Bellydance Costumes

     - Dogan

     - Dahlal : Hip scarves, practice wear, costumes, and more.
     - Bellydance : Hipscarves,ractice wear, costumes, and more.
     - : Lots of variety of belly covers. Great for practice or performance.


Helpful websites

- Shira.netHistory and general belly dance info.
- : Swapmeet and belly dance forum full of useful info and a    
   wonderful place to meet other dancers online.
- Ruby Beh : AMAZING Mentorship Program
- Jennifer Belly Dance : Fantastic Business Program and Blog full o' info.
- Shems : Fantastic Blog. Lots of great info on history of the dance and other
   useful info.



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