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​               Why Hire Adonia?​​
Adonia has an element of natural musicality that captivates her audience. Her dance is filled with, grace, beauty, & powerful accuracy. When these elements are combined with her love and passion for the dance she simply lights up the stage. Her performance and costuming are elegant, tasteful, and appropriate for the whole family. Adonia loves to play with her audience by involving them in the action and (when appropriate) getting everyone up and dancing. Her unique style combined with a fun and exciting personality are sure to charm audiences of all ages and help you create memories that will last a lifetime.​

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​         F.A.Q.'s

​I am in town and would like to see you dance... do you have any public performances?
Possibly, I do perform at public events when time permits. Send me a message and I will let you know when my next event is.

Why does it cost so much, can't you do it for less?
The rates I charge are based on my commitment as an award-winning professional dancer to provide a top-tier show for your guests. Please remember that, like any live entertainment, there is preparation time dedicated for your specific event, and part of the cost covers that. Another part of the fee is my years of training and high quality costuming costs that have to be covered in order to make your event top-notch. Some dancers charge less, but provide less as well, and could embarrass you and make your event memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

We're having an event, and want you to perform for 30 minutes or an hour, is this okay?
While I'm happy to perform for you, through my years of experience I have found that different cultures have different expectations of a performer. If your event guests will be primarily of Arab, Middle Eastern , Mediterranean cultures, I would recommend the Glitz n' Glamour Package (30min) or the Ultimate Bellydance Package (2 part show - 40 min total) that are built around an audience that is accustomed to bellydance performances or for very large events. For events whose guests are primarily European, Indian, or American(ized) cultures, I recommend the Ice Breaker show, which is tailored for audiences that are used to entertainment in smaller time blocks. Remember, bellydancers don't come with commercial breaks.

​Is your show appropriate for families and children?
Absolutely! I provide classy, family-friendly entertainment that is tons of fun for everyone, especially the children. Whether they are dancing or tipping the bellydancer, they are often the first to get up and participate in the show (yes, that's encouraged), and frequently bring a spark of childish delight that puts everyone at ease.

​So how does the music work?
This often depends on the location of your event and/or what sound system equipment you will have available to you at the facility. Many times this is covered by a DJ, house sound system, or even home theater systems in some cases. For events that have audio systems available, I will provide music with only the show music on it. If you do not have any of these options available to you, please let me know as I do have a boombox that I can bring that has fantastic sound and can accommodate reasonably large spaces. If you feel a live band would be more appropriate for your event I will be happy to work with them. I will need their contact information so I can coordinate my performance with them and ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Is Tipping appropriate?
Tipping the performer(s) is always appropriate, and is highly encouraged and appreciated. Tips are accepted in a variety of ways, including money showers, or by tucking them into the armband or side (hip) of the belt, or by simply handing it to the performer.

My event isn't for a few months, should I book it now?
Booking your event in advance is preferred, as I am a highly sought after performer, and doing so will ensure you get the timeslot you are requesting. Short notice events can be arranged if you are willing to be flexible. 

What about shows outside of the Chicago regional area?
Shows outside the Chicago area are always welcome, but must be arranged further in advance. Also, these shows will require additional travel costs.

How Do I Hire You?​
The booking process is super easy! All you do is go to my "Hire" page, check out the show options and fill out the Pre-Performance Questionaire, submit the deposit, and voila, you're booked! There is one final step, be sure to call me to finalize any additional details and check availability.

Your performance was Awesome! Where Can I Write a Review?​
I always want to hear what you and your guests thought about the show! Please click here to go to my Google Places page where you can click the write a review button and let me know what you think. I look forward to reading your review.

Your website is Stunning! Who made it?​

I developed all of my own marketing material, including my website.

Chicago Belly Dance, Chicago Belly Dancer, Chicago wedding entertainment, Birthday party ideas chicago,
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