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Belly Dance Classes Chicago with Adonia in Aurora Naperville and Wheaton IL

Current Belly Dance Workshop Topics

Creative Combinations & Pathways​
Utilizing creative combinations and pathways to polish your improvisational belly dance technique.

FANtastic Fan Veils​​
From the basics to to gracefully advanced, you will learn all you need to know to add this
beautiful prop into your dance in unique non-typical ways.

Skills for Improv Zilling
Stuck in triplets? Here we will learn techniques to break out of the rut using new pattern as well as creating some of our own while learning how to incorporate this into our own dance.

Alien Belly
The Alien Belly workshop is for those dancers who want to learn everything about abdominal work in belly dance. We will learn movements like the vertical belly roll, lateral belly roll, belly circles, flutters, pops, and more. Whether you are just curious or you want to mesmerize your audience with impressive abdominal technique this is just the workshop for you.
We will...
Break down & learn the movements, Learn what muscle drive the movements,
Learn what we can do to strengthen those muscles to create stronger more defined technique,
& most importantly how to seamlessly incorporate them into our dance.

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