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Belly Dance Classes Chicago with Adonia in Aurora Naperville and Wheaton IL

In Class Policies
 A note from the instructor:

Please be aware that these policies are not meant to in anyway be mean. Think of them like warning labels. They only exist because someone tried it. 


Weekly Classes
If the student does not attend class for any reason then the student forfeits that class. No refund or make-up date will be given. However, if you miss class due to illness or death in the family the instructor will be willing to work with you to make up your missed lesson. To do so, proof will be required in the form of a doctors note (this must be written by a licensed physician) or a funerary pamphlet with the date and time of the funeral. If you can, an email prior to the missed class by you or a family member would be greatly appreciated.

If, for any reason, the instructor cancels class(es)... The class(es) will be rescheduled as a make-up class for another day thus giving the student a class credit. The instructor will give the students advanced notice of the make-up class date and time. If the student then does not attend, then no further make-up date is required by the instructor.
The student simply forfeits that class. No refuds are given for any reason. 

Private Lessons​

Once a private lesson is scheduled and confirmed with the instructor you are set to go for that class. However, if you need to cancel or reschedule it MUST be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. Failure to do so will result in loss of that class. Like weekly classes, no refund will be given for any reason.

If, for any reason, the instructor cancels class... The instructor will arrange for the class to be rescheduled with you.


Yes Yes, we all sweat, and being in class will cause that to happen. However, to avoid embarrassment and the distraction of those around you we ask that you please clean yourself prior to attending class. Also, We ask that you use deodorant or something to keep you self smelling clean and fresh.


- Make friends with your fellow dancers, you may find them to be a great support system in future.

-Keep a good attitude and be willing to accept new students and work as a team. Bad attitudes, judgement, haughtiness, cultural insensitivities, stereotyping, inappropriate behavior, and negativity of ALL forms will NOT be permitted! Adonia has a NO TOLLERANCE policy regarding this matter and you will be asked to leave without refund.

-Remember that we are not only learning how to dance but, more so, we are learning the art of another culture. As such, Adonia expects ALL students to respect the culture and heritage of these people and their traditions.
-Come to class ready to dance, do your best to be on time, Keep chatting to before and after class.

-Remember, You are paying for instruction, therefor please refrain from teaching other students until you have spoken with your instructor and she feels you are ready for that step. This is especially important to remember in class as doing so if frustrating and disruptive to all involved..

-Do not gossip or talk badly about other dancers or the instructor in or out of class.

-If there is a disagreement feel free to contact the instructor or event organizer after class. If you can not wait, Go to the restroom and take some time to collect yourself. Please do not make a scene. This is disruptive to the other students and will not be tolerated.

-Share information about upcoming dance events you might be involved in or want to support.

-Feel free to take from a variety of instructors.

-Ask questions and request additional breakdown of movements when needed. Chances are someone else has the same question.

-Take care of your body, pay attention and let me know if something hurts, stay hydrated, warm up on your own if you are late, cool down at the end.

        Proper Dancer Behavior

At a Performance
•Wear a cover at all times when not performing or change into nice street clothing.
•Wear stage make up, be clean and fresh and look your best.
•Make sure your costume fits properly is pinned into place and wont reveal any parts it shouldn’t.
•Practice in your costume in advance.
•Choose costuming that flatters your body type and shows you off to best advantage.
•Show your support for other performers, check each other’s costumes, smile, clap and cheer.
•Be polite and do not gossip about other dancers while they perform.
•Be positive and complementary on performance night, always.
•Know how to be culturally respectful.
•Know the music you are dancing to and its meaning.
•Do not do anything that might be considered lacking in decorum on or off stage.​

As a Performer
•Perform at appropriate venues for your level. Appropriate student venues include haflas, recitals, amateur nights and friends and family celebrations. Professional venues include, restaurants, nightclubs, parties, weddings, cultural events, often charity events or any venue that offers pay.
•If you are not a professional performer yet, do not perform in professional venues.
•Seek your instructors guidance and advice.​


As a Professional Performer
•Don’t be in a hurry to perform professionally, make sure you are ready first and that it is really the dance path that is right for you.

•Charge appropriate professional rates for our area (rates guidelines here) and do not undercut.

•Be ethical, professional and culturally respectful.

•Support other members of the dance community when possible by attending shows, etc.

•Communicate with other professional dancers in your area.

•Continue to pursue training so you can present our dance form in the best possible light.

•Come to your instructor for guidance and advice.​

As a Belly Dance Instructor
•Don’t begin to teach pre-maturely. Most are not ready to begin teaching until after several years of training, performance and private coaching.
•Make sure you teach proper body alignment and that you understand the body enough to prevent your students from injuring themselves from incorrect dance technique.
•Commit to additional and ongoing training and study to keep your skills sharp and growing.
•Charge appropriate rates for your area.
•Don’t teach another instructor’s choreography without the choreographer’s express permission first.
•Encourage your students to become part of our larger dance community by sharing information about events, workshops and classes of interest outside of your studio.
•Come to your instructor for guidance and advice.​
                                                                                                          (Adapted from Shems)

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