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Carrie Meyer

Belly Dance Photographer, The Dancers Eye, Carrie Meyer

Carrie is the genius behind "The Dancer's Eye" Photography and one of my favorite people to work with to get great images for my work as a belly dancer. Carrie is the first person I worked with to get professional photo's and I have been hooked every since. Every time I work with her she is an absolute blast and I always leave feeling happy. I bring her my thought, ideas, and crazy hair brained plans for what I would like to see and she makes them a reality and so much more. She always gets great shoots that come out better than I could have imagined. Her images have launched my business to a whole new level. Without Carrie I would not be where I am today. Thank you Carrie for making my photo's beautiful! Your work is amazing :)

P.S. To learn more about Carrie Meyer and The Dancer's Eye please visit or click on her image to the right.​

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