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Graphic Design for Bellydancers

Adonia is a second-generation artist who has worked in diverse mediums her entire life.  Art, music, and theatre were her passions until she discovered belly dance. As a child, her dream was to become an animator for Disney which propelled her to become a student of "Media Arts and Animation" at the Art Institute of Pittsburg. 

She enjoyed learning how to create digital art, but found that she kept bringing dance into her animation work!  While other students were animating aggressive, boulder throwing characters, Adonia was animating dancers doing chainé turns and hip drops. She soon decided to devote her life to belly dance and spent the majority of her homework time creating promotional materials such as business cards, websites and many other marketing materials for herself and others.

Currently, Adonia is equally passionate about her profession as a bellydancer as she is about the creative process used in graphic design for belly dance.  She works exclusively with belly dancers, helping them present the most current state of their art.  By using her clients ideas and vision as inspiration, she creates a unique identity for each dancer. Adonia collects bits of information like pieces of a puzzle and has a lot of fun putting those bits together to bring each clients vision to life.  Her unique approach to branding, website building and marketing separate each dancer into her own personal style. Adonia loves to hear about dancers vision for the future and where they want this art form to take them. 

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