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A Technique Training Playlist for Belly Dance Classes in Chicago with Adonia

With a busy schedule filled with private and public gigs and teaching six plus hours a week of belly dance classes in Chicago, I find it difficult to get as much practice in as I would like. And I’m not alone, getting to the practice room can be difficult for anyone. With responsibilities always piling up it can feel overwhelming to get your belly dance practice in regularly. However, it never fails, a good song can always change the mood, help you shake your cares away, and get things started. That said, not just any song will do. When working on technique you want songs that are engaging but consistent in tempo, as to many variations can make it complicated to drill technique and steps. Here is a list of belly dance songs that fit that bill. Click the title to get the song and add it to your playlist... 1. Belly Belly Belly by Emad Sayyah 2. Alladin’s Lamp Oil Company by Nnoiz Papp 3. Sidi Mansour (Reggaeton Mix) – Drumspyder 4. Chicky – Oojami 5. Snake Charmer – Bassnectar & Kraddy 6. Ala Bali – House of Tarab 7. Suhaila Loop The Marketplace – Suhaila Salimpour So download some tunes, press play, and get your practice on! It’s time to get it done. If there is anything I have learned in my journey as a professional belly dancer it’s that this dance is an art form and not every piece of art work is a masterpiece. Artists of all types work very hard for a very long time and most of their work varies in quality. Sometimes you have bad days and sometimes you have good days but if you consistently practice clean technique and continuously stretch beyond your creative comfort zone then you can create a masterpiece.

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Big things only happen one step at a time and… “growth comes at the point of

resistance” ~ Josh Waitzkin, Art of Learning. Thank you for reading this blog. Please feel free to share it and comment below. Now go push thru your resistance into the practice room and take the next step toward your masterpiece! Hugs & Happy Dancing, Your Chicago Belly Dancer Adonia If this has inspired you to join weekly belly dance classes Chicago or even expand your dance through private lessons in person or online then please click here to hop on over and find a belly dance class that’s right for you.

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