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Black & Gold Mavi

Belly Dance Costume, Belly Dance Outfit, Belly Dance Dress

Costume Includes:Bra, Belt+Skirt-in-1, & Upper Arm Bands.

This is a beautiful costume that looks just like a Bella but is actually made by Mavi. It has large AB crystals on the bra and belt. There is a large cutout on the hip with tiny crystals on it as well. I got this costume in trade for a Bella. It truely is beautiful and I did wear it once for a 15min show but felt the skirt was uncomfortably snug for me so my loss is your gain.

Measurements: Bra - 39"
Cup - Horizantal 8.25, Diaginoal 9",
       Vertical 6.5"
Belt - Hips 36"
length - 41

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