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Pink Feather Sim

Belly Dance Costume, Belly Dance Outfit, Belly Dance Dress


Costume Includes:Bra, Belt+Skirt-in-1, Gloves, Headband. Fan veils NOT included.
The feathers are easy to remove if desired.

I got this costume from another dancer at a costume swap. It is beautiful and in fantastic condition. There is no bead loss or any damage that I can find. The neck straps do appear to have been two straps at once but have since been overlaped and attached to create one strap. When I got it the skirt was a bit short for me. So I added the the feathers which are detachable. They are attached with safety pins. There is no damage to the skirt and there is beautiful beading along the edge so the skirt is fantastic with or without feathers.


Bra - 35"maxCup - Vertival 7, Horizontal 8.24, Diagonal 9
Hips 36"
Length - 36". 41-42" w/ Feathers

(hanging, measured from belt line to edge of skirt)


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