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Belly Dance Classes Chicago with Adonia in Aurora Naperville and Wheaton IL

Belly Dance Classes in the Chicago Area

Studio Energia
832 W Bartlett Rd, Bartlett, IL 60103


What to Wear?
Bare feet and comfortable clothing that you feel beautiful in. You are not required to show your tummy but are welcome to do so if you so desire.

Will I have the oportunity to perform?

YES! Adonia has performance oportunities available for her students. She can also help you prepare for solo performance through private lessons.
For those advanced students and those interested in becoming professionals she has a
professional coaching program as well as a belly dance company that gives company members access to paid performance opportunities. 

Are drop in's welcome?
Drop in's are allowed in weeks 1 and 2 of "Beginning Belly Dance" as well as in all weeks of "Speciality" and "Intermediate" belly dance classes.

Do you have questions about belly dance classes Chicago?
Call or Text Adonia at
(872) 216-7257

Classes will be held Wednesdays starting at 5:45pm
at Studio Energia in Bartlett,IL

Please check the date of the class you wish to attend  by clicking the calendar icon to the right.
Any class cancellations due to holidays, weather, etc. will be notated asap and no updates will be posted any later than 12:00 am on the day of class. Please check the calendar prior to attending class.
If you are unclear as to the status of class or just have a question please text Adonia at (872) 216-7257

Attend class to redeem your class card. All class fees are non-refundable. Please click here to read our class policies.

Are you ready to sweat sexy with
SharQui - the belly dance workout?

SharQui Video
Class Calandar

1 class drop-in                                                  $23

12 class punch card                                          $180 ($15 per class)

8 class punch card                                            Now $80 Was $132 Save $52

4 class punch card                                            Now $49 Was $72 Save $23

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Beginning Belly Dance Classes

Beginning Belly Dance Classes
Foundations Class

Shake up your routine with the sensual art of belly dance. For thousands of years women have passed this beautiful art form down from mother to daughter and now it’s your turn. Once you can control your body, you can control your life. So grab your hip scarf and shimmy those beautiful hips on over to this fun filled, strength building class that will put you back in control of you

This beginning belly dance class is designed to teach students the basic skills necessary to develop the strength, posture, muscle awareness, and mind-body connection to learn the art of belly dancing! You will learn foundational movements that include isolations, basic steps, turns, shimmies, arm positions, and an introduction to veils, as well as zills (finger cymbals)!

Belly Dance Classes Chicago with Adonia in Aurora Naperville and Wheaton IL
Speciality Class

Specialty Belly Dance Class

Add-on Class

The "Speciality Belly Dance" class series is a multi level topic based class. This means that we take and in depth look at a specific topic in belly dance and apply it to what you already know reguardless of your level of dance. Throughout the 8 week class you will strengthen that skill as well as your abilites in belly dance. You also learn how to apply this knowledge to your own improvisational belly dance skills which expands your dance vocabulary creating cleaner and more dynamic improvisational performance.

Each 8 week session we change the topic to learn something comepletely new. This session we will be exploring...
                                      Sword Balancing!
Come to this class to learn how to belly dance while sword balancing. Don't worry you will learn both in class ;) This class will really help you hone those isolations and force you to be completely in tune with you body and suroundings. A sword is not required but if you have a sword please bring it with you to class. Sutable substitutes will be provided to those who do not have swords available. If you would like to buy a sword I would highly suggest you buy the
 "Baladay Scimitar" by Kult of Athena. They are well balanced and reasonably priced.


- It is Highly recommended that you complete “Beginning Belly Dance” class or have some previous experiance in belly dance.

- You MUST be currently enrolled in a foundations belly dance class. "Speciality Belly Dance Class" is an add on class.

Belly Dancing Classes Chicago with Adonia in Aurora Naperville and Wheaton IL
Intermediate Belly Dance Classes

Intermediate Belly Dance Classes
Foundations Class

Now that you are in control of your body, let’s build some strength within that control. This intermediate belly dance class will push you beyond the basics and into more challenging, complex body movement. We will continue our zills (finger cymbals) and rhythm training and this time we will add layers and learn more advanced foundational movements. We will have lots of fun with more unique belly dance games, creative conditioning, and combinations that will give both your body and mind a workout.

Belly Dancing Classes Chicago with Adonia in Aurora Naperville and Wheaton IL
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