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4 Ways to Make Your Belly Dance Skirt Work

Here at Adonia Belly Dance we love sparkly things, but what happens when you buy (or swap) a belly dance costume but it's just a little too short? Well, you could resale it, or...make it work. Recently, I traded on of my costumes for this beautiful pink costume. I absolutely LOVE this costume but it is a little short for me. I knew this when I traded it but was determined to find a way to make it work for me. In my quest, I have found a few options that worked beautifully and I thought I would share them with you.

The Original Costume

So, on the left is an image of the costume in the condition that I received it. I am 5'8" and this skirt is about 2" to short for me. This is a problem as I am super picky about how costumes fit and want to be absolutely sure the costume is flattering for my body.

Option 1: Add a Ruffle

My friend Sonya suggested I add a ruffle. I like the idea and think that there are some costumes that this would be the perfect option for. However, it just didn't feel right for this costume.

Option 2: Layer the Skirts

Then there was the idea of adding a fuller underskirt to add length as well as modesty in the slit area. I tried this on and it felt very comfortable. This was definitely an acceptable option and gave it coverage and some fullness while keeping the nice sleek lines of the costume. Dancing in this was a breeze and actually made it feel more comfortable to move in.

Option 3: Add Feathers

Then, sorta out of the blue, I thought...oh feathers... that would be cool. I wonder how that would look. So, I grabbed a full boa and using safety pins I attached the boa about every two inches. This kept the feathers well secured but still easily removable. I felt this was best so that the feathers could be washed, replaced, or removed if the next owner doesn't like or need them. The only problem was that when I danced in it I kept stepping on the feathers.

Option 4: Add Feathers + Layer the Skirts

So I added the pink skirt back underneath and BAM! I was in LOVE! It was beautiful and functional. It was the perfect length and the underskirt kept me from stepping on the feathers. It worked out perfectly and it is a dream to dance in.

Before you ask... NO, it is not for sale...yet (update: I did eventually sell it as I do many costumes) But I do hope that these options help you turn your next costume dilemma into a creation that is perfect for you. If you have any questions or comments please message me below. Did you create something fab using the tips in this blog post? Please post images here so we can all see your amazing creation. I would love to hear and see your feedback. Visit to hire Adonia Belly Dance at your next Chicago wedding, birthday party, or special event. Hugs and Happy Dancing, Adonia Belly Dance P.S. Here is the costume with feathers!

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