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Bellyomedy! Episode 1: Silly belly dancer!

When you hire a belly dancer you always expect to get entertainment... but sometimes you get more than you bargain for. Keep reading to learn how to avoid the following... incidents, at your next show. Topsy Turvy - To keep your top you should always check your hooks.

The Spin Off - Safety pins are a belly dancers insurance plan... To keep your skirt on, in case of emergency, never forget your insurance! Safety pin your skirt, belt, and dance shorts or underpants all together.

Full moon - What was that??? Ummmm.... Always always wear britches that match the costume... You never want your guests to have the need to ask this question. A good pair of dance shorts, or matching boy shorts will save you butt in more ways than one. Sad Sword - Experience, training, and practice are paramount! No one ever wants to feel sad or embarrassed for the belly dancer. Always know your prop and practice with it regularly to avoid this party problem.

So while all these things can be funny when you watch the videos they may not be so funny if they happen to you as a belly dancer or client hosting a birthday party, corporate, or wedding entertainment. When hiring a professional belly dancer in Chicago, like Adonia, it should be fun and exciting. While the belly dancer in the next clip is not Adonia, she is an example of what you can expect to see if you want to hire a funny and entertaining belly dancer for your next show. Professional belly dance entertainment is just the right amount of silly :)

Thanks for reading and please join let me know what you think below. To book Adonia the belly dancer for your Chicago entertainment please check out one of my service pages in the menu above or go directly to the hire page and I will be happy to bring some fun to your show.

Hugs and Happy Dancing, Adonia Belly Dance

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